Attic To Auction

Attic To Auction


How to Consign

We are accepting consignments Tuesday through Thursday from 10:00am – 4:00pm by appointment only. Please call 484-941-2123 to schedule.

We sell all manner of personal property, antiques, collectibles, jewelry, limited furniture and decorative accessories, ceramics and glass, artwork, books and ephemera, stamps, coins, and currency. There are, however, some items that we will not accept for auction, and your consignment will be screened before acceptance.


We will decline the following items:

  • Smelly or overly stained rugs or furniture (pet urine, mold, food etc.)
  • Particle board furniture (such as kit form computer desks and workstations)
  • Box springs, mattresses and used bed linens
  • Used clothing except for vintage and period designer label items.
  • Mismatched kitchen glasses, cups, battered pots and pans, Tupperware (these are yard sale items that should be donated to Goodwill)
  • Fluffy toys / stuffed toys
  • VCR’s and VCR tapes
  • No Appliances
  • Electronics and power tools that are not in working condition.
  • Pornographic magazines and DVD’s
  • Any item that we think is either yard sale quality or should be donated.

*WE ARE ONLINE on the LIVE AUCTIONEERS BIDDING PLATFORM Reaching MILLIONS OF WORLDWIDE Bidders! Click the link below to go directly to our page on Live auctioneers.

We are happy to accept single and multi-item , larger collections, and partial or entire estates. Items can be included in a regularly scheduled online auction. Or we can sell your items on a dedicated auction based on your items consigned and needs. Category specific auction sales typically include a wide range of items, from antique, vintage, designer, costume -fine jewelry, antiques and collectibles, coins, general furnishings, electronics and normal household items*, and are aggressively marketed through a number of specialty online platforms and social media in order to obtain the highest possible prices for our sellers. 

*WE OFFER FREE SHIPPING FOR MAIL IN SMALL ITEM CONSIGNMENTS Limited to Jewelry, Coins, Currency & Stamps. A DETAILED contract and Inventory will be provided for ALL CONSIGNMENTS. We also offer FREE PICK UP* to be determined based on items consigned. 

If you are in need of an estate liquidation, call us for a no obligation consultation is completely free. We are able to meet you in your home or office, or at our facility in Exeter Township, Berks county.